About Us

About Us

About Us:

Greetings…From Jaylaxmi Industries two decade of Improvising, Innovating & Evolving…
We engineer your performance requirements. Conventional and precision solutions for your machines (Ring Spinning, Twisting/ Doubling machine) we formulate solutions.

Standard Range:

Ring Spinning, Twisting/ Doubling Spindle and Bolster for HF-1, HF-21, CS1, CS21, HZ-30, HZ-44, HZ-55, HZ-66, HZ-68, HZ-77 As per your machines.

Precision Solution:

Ring Twisting/ Doubling Spindle and Bolster for 18 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm neck bearing insert


Heavy Duty Spindle, Rod Type/ Aluminum Plug Type Spindle - Specified Insert.


Spindle break, lappet hook, spare parts for Ring Spinning & Doubling machines.

Challenges: Components, Spindles & Bolster & Accessories

High Noise, High Vibration, Energy consumption, Spindle Breakage and worn out.

Solution: Components, Spindles & Bolster & Accessories

Precision Guaranteed on time faster delivery, and Cost effective solution. Proven documented power reduction, Low noise, Low vibration, dynamically balanced & performing solutions.