Spindle Lubricating Machine

Spindle Lubricating Machine

Spindle Lubricating Machine
For bolster (Insert ):

HF-1 /CS1, CS 21 / HF 21 , HZ-3C, HZ-33 HZ-44, HZ-55,HZ-66, HZ-68, HZ-77 , 20mm neck bearing , 24 mm neck bearing, 28 mm neck bearing bolster

For Process Type:

Flushing cleaning and refilling operation in bolster (insert)

Product Description
  • This spindle lubricating machine is specially designed and developed Flushing gun for perfect cleaning and Oiling gun with auto oil level gauge system for exact required quantity of lubricating oil in spindle bolster
  • Flushing Gun : Fitted with S.S. Nozzle assembly, which cleans the bolster from neck bearing to footstep bearing and the dirty oil will be sucked out efficiently which go to the flushing oil tank duly filtered twice by micro filter.
  • Lubricating Gun : Equipped with adjustable S.S. Dual Nozzle assembly and easily adjustable oil level gauge system to maintain automatic oil level uniformly with no overflow or leakage at all. The same gun can be used for oil topping facility
  • 3 Tank: Three separate oil tanks provided for flushing tank 20 ltrs., Lubricating and Topping tank 12 ltrs. Capacity each.

Tank capacity

Flushing tank 20 ltr
Lubricating tank 12 ltr
Topping tank 12 ltr
  • Due to zero leakage, no oiliness around the bolster which also ensures no fly and flu faccumulation, thus keeping the spindle / Ring frame neat and clean too.
  • Proper cleaning helps extend lubrication frequency. Flushing oil is filtered by using micro filters and re-use minimizes oil wastage.
  • Auto leveling system help to maintain perfect level of oil in Spindle bolsters thus bringing about power cost saving in Ring Frames.
  • Long life gear pumps ensure excellent suction performance and robust reliability in service.
  • Reduced consumption of expensive lubricants. No oil Spillage.